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Enhance Your 3D Printing Capabilities

Together with the new Form 4, Formlabs has refreshed their resin lineup to enhance the capabilities of the new Form 4 printer. This release includes five new resins, each tailored for specific applications to meet the growing needs of professionals across various industries.

Renewed Resin Cartridge

The dimensions and design of the resin cartridge have been significantly improved in the latest update from Formlabs. The new tanks can now be filled much faster thanks to a redesigned valve system, reducing the fill time of an empty resin tank to just 2 to 8 minutes with most resins. This is 5 to 10 times faster than with the Form 3.

Additionally, there is significantly less plastic waste because the redesigned cartridge body uses less plastic while still reliably storing one liter of resin. This contributes to more sustainable production and use.

The size of the cartridges has also been reduced by 30%. This redesigned cartridge size takes up less shelf space, which allows for more efficient storage and management of materials in any workspace. These improvements underscore Formlabs’ commitment to both efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The Form 4

Discover the Formlabs Form 4: the latest innovation in resin 3D printing technology. This advanced printer delivers unprecedented speed and precision, making the printing of complex and detailed models faster than ever before. With a print time of less than two hours for most projects and a 30% larger build volume than its predecessor, the Form 4, along with the new Formlabs materials, is ideal for both professional and educational settings.


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Clear Resin V5

Clear Resin V5 sets a new standard for clarity and color neutrality in general-purpose resins. Formulated to leverage the Form 4 ecosystem, it prints three times faster than its predecessor. This resin is perfect for applications requiring high transparency and strong mechanical properties, such as optical components, lighting prototypes, and fluidic devices.

White Resin V5

White Resin V5 offers a bright white finish with a matte quality, ideal for capturing fine details with high accuracy. The new formulation prints three times faster, making it excellent for form and fit prototyping, intricate anatomical models, jigs, and fixtures.

Fast Model Resin

Recognized as Formlabs’ fastest resin, Fast Model Resin can print at speeds of over 100 mm per hour, making it ideal for rapid prototyping and large models. This resin is particularly suitable for initial prototypes and dental models for thermoforming aligners.

Grey Resin V5

Grey Resin V5 is celebrated for its versatility and matte finish that accurately captures fine details. It provides a balance of speed, accuracy, and strength, making it perfect for form and fit prototyping and general dental models. Like the others in this new release, it prints three times faster than previous versions.

Black Resin V5

Black Resin V5 offers a deep, rich black color and a matte finish that is ideal for producing detailed, presentation-ready models and functional parts such as enclosures and housings. This resin enhances the production process with its rapid printing capabilities.

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Precision Model Resin

Precision Model Resin is specially formulated for creating highly accurate restorative and implant models. Its high opacity and smooth, matte finish allow for precise detail capture, making it ideal for crown fit testing and creating removable die models.

Form 4

Each of these new Formlabs materials is designed to maximize the capabilities of the Form 4, offering faster print times, enhanced mechanical properties, and a high level of detail. With the Form 4, Formlabs once again claims the title of the best SLA printer on the market.

For more information about these exciting new materials and to see them in action, join our upcoming webinars or visit our website. Embrace the future of 3D printing with the latest Formlabs materials.

Formlabs From 4

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