Modelling Service

Lay3rs offers a professional 3D modelling service aan where we shape all your requirements and wishes into a 3D model.

Based on a sketch, image or description, quickly a 3D model that meets your specifications.
Professional designers support you in every phase of the process.
In combination with the Lay3rs print service, without issues from idea to 3D printed item.
The result is available in all common 3D formats.

To print your prototype or product in 3D you need a 3D model. A 3D model is a digital file that describes the shape of the product. A 3D model is manufactured using various special software packages. Not everybody has the necessary knowledge to make a 3D model himself. With our 3D modelling service, we offer these people the opportunity to make use of the great features of a 3D printer. Professional designers support you within each stage of the design process. Based on a sketch, picture or description, the designers can already get started. The customer’s wishes are met and all requirements are integrated into the 3D model. 



Because Layr3s also offers a print service, the transition from 3D model to 3D product is without any problems; This means you are assured of a smooth journey without unpleasant and unexpected things. You can receive the 3D file in any common file format (.stl / .obj / .ply / etc.) With these file formats, you can usually use not only any 3D printing technique but also applications like a “finite element analysis” (a strong analysis of your product) or the design of an injection mold are options that provide a 3D file.

After you have a 3D file, you can, for example, use our 3D print service to convert your idea into a tangible prototype.

3D reparation service

In some cases there is already a 3D model available but it is not suitable for the 3D print production process. For example, a 3D file may have small holes that could cause the printer to print the model with poor quality and, in some cases, even not printing at all. In such cases, we can fix or modify the existing 3D file so that it can be used to print your item.

A trustable collaboration

You can always count on professional and confidential cooperation with Lay3rs. For this purpose, we work during any project with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which states that we consider your idea or invention confidential and therefore strictly confidential to third parties.


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