What is business lease?

Business leasing is a form of corporate finance for an item. Without major investments, companies can make direct use of assets through business leasing. For example, production machines, computer equipment, ground moving equipment, vehicles and cars.

There are two types of business leases, namely financial lease and operational lease. With financial lease you pay interest and repayment, but you can become legal owner of the car or business asset at the end of the lease term. If you opt for operational lease, you will rent the car or the vehicle and return it at the end of the period.

Operational lease at Lay3rs 3dprinting

  • You rent the abcfinance business asset
  • No impact on your business balance
  • Insurance and self-service
  • No residual risk
  • At the end of the rental period you will return the asset
  • Depending on contract: option to buy

The benefits of leasing

When your organization invests in assets, such as (internal) transportation equipment, production equipment, agricultural equipment or ground moving equipment, business leasing offers you business and fiscal benefits. Lay3rs 3Dprinting lets you leverage your assets with an attractive lease rate. The main benefits of leasing assets are:
  • Not a big investment at once
  • You can finance the full purchase price of the assets
  • Leasing ensures clear fixed costs over a longer period of time
  • Own choice in supplier
  • Possible fiscal benefit

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