What is Financial Leasing?

Financial leasing is a form of business financing for an object. Without making major investments, companies can make direct use of company assets through leasing. For example, production machines, computer equipment, earthmoving equipment, means of transport and cars.

With a financial lease you pay interest and repayment, and you can become the legal owner of the car or business asset after the lease period.

Financial lease at Lay3rs 3Dprinting

  • You rent the asset from DLL
  • No impact on your company balance sheet
  • In-house insurance and maintenance
  • No residual value risk

The benefits of leasing business assets

When your organization invests in business assets, such as (internal) transport equipment, production machines, agricultural equipment or earth-moving equipment, leasing offers you economic and tax benefits. Lay3rs 3Dprinting lets you take full advantage of leasing business assets with an attractive lease rate.
The main benefits of leasing business assets are:
  • Not a big investment in one go
  • You can finance the full purchase price of the assets.
  • Additional services, such as installation and service contracts etc., can be included in the lease construction.
  • Leasing provides clear fixed costs over a longer period
  • Own choice of supplier
  • Possible tax benefit

More information

If you would like more information about the lease construction or if you would like to know what the options are for specific devices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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