Lasercutting and engraving service

LAY3RS has a CO2 laser cutter at its disposal with a workpiece of 500 x 300 mm and a power of 60 watts. This allows shapes to be excised and / or images engraved in sheet material. The laser cutter intersects and engraves all kinds of materials such as wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, rubber, leather and textile. We can even cut out sketched drawings. In design projects we also provide help and advice to make a design with regard to the material and an efficient way of producing.
Look at design guidelines on how to deliver the file the best way. Then mail us your design, as Illustrator file (ai.) or AutoCAD file (dxf.) And you will receive a quote within a half day. For help or other questions, you can always contact us about the possibilities!



We have a broad collection of materials and thicknesses standard in stock. These are versatile materials that can be used with professional application:

– different types of wood such as poplar and birch plywood

– different types of paper and cardboard

– various types of plastic such as plexiglas / perspex / acrylate / PMMA and foamboard

– different types of textiles

We will soon show an overview with associated prices. Do you want to supply material yourself? Of course that is also possible. Do you want any material other than what we work with? Please contact us at any time and take into account that we must first test the material before carrying out the assignment and thereby incur additional costs.


There are 3 different ways of laser cutting: plane engraving, line engraving and cutting. Show with 3 different colors which objects should be cut / engraved in the same way.


– Engrave: These are entire areas or sections of text that should be engraved.

– Cut Engrave: This is the process engraving a thin circular line for example.

– Cut: This is completely through the material, such as the outer line of the design, and other elements or text that have to be completely removed.

Scale and dimensions:

– Always use millimeters (mm) in scale 1: 1
– Maximum material size is 500 mm x 300 mm
– Keep a 5 mm margin of the material edge free from cutting and engraving lines.


– Make sure all objects are UNGROUPED.
– Make sure all objects are a closed line.
– Create outlines of text. (Select text, click on “type” in the menu bar and then click Create Outlines).
– If any adjustments have to be made to the text, please send the fontsize / font.
– Do not use infills (surfaces, hatches).
– Use thin lines. For example, “hairline” or the thinnest line available.
– Allowed entities: Lines, Polylines, Arcs, Splines.
– Delete objects in disabled or “frozen” layers.

– Make sure all “clipping masks” are removed.

File format:

.AI (Adobe Illustrator) version CS (legacy). The following options may not be checked:

– Create PDF compatible file

– Embed ICC Profiles

– Use compression or as .DXF (Autocad) version R13 / LT95 (as low as possible)

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Autocad, Coreldraw

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