LAY3RS delivers first-class, affordable, easy-to-use lasercutters. Reliable devices you will enjoy for years. Our machines are delivered complete, fully laser-safe and comply with all applicable CE machine guidelines. A basic training is included, further training can be done with instructional videos or additional training sessions. The laser cutter can be delivered with comprehensive warranty and service contracts, so that any problems can be solved quickly and professionally so you can continue your production as quickly as possible.


CO2 laser systems for contactless cutting and engraving of a wide range of materials such as plastic, leather, cardboard, paper and wood. Machines for industry, schools and the creative sector.


CO2 Laser Machine


CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting and laser engraving of a wide range of materials. A CO2 laser manipulates the material contactless and can cut or engrave high-quality objects to create for example logos, text or pictures. This can be done for creative projects, prototyping as well as industrial serial production. MetaQuip has a full range of CO2 laser cutters & engraving machines, for home use and professional production machines.


Materials suitable for CO2 laser operations

CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting or laser engraving of a large number of materials.

Consider materials such as:

  • Plastic such as acrylate (PMMA, plexiglass) & foils
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Textile, leather and latex
  • Wood such as triplex, multiplex, oak, beech, etc.
  • Stamprubber

Laser engraving (not cutting!) of materials such as glass or anodized aluminum is also possible with a CO2 laser.



Laser cutting is possible with all CO2 laser machines, but the greater the laser power, the thicker the material that can be cut. There are also CO2 laser cutters available for cutting through thin metal sheets.


Laser engraving

With CO2 lasers you can also engrave a large number of materials, such as wood, leather and glass. For high resolution metal engraving, fiberlasers are generally recommended.



CO2 lasercutters are widely used. The power is that digital design can be realized without waiting. In most cases the results can be immediately used without further work. Consider the following applications:

  • Cutting of plastic housings for electronics.
  • Cutting of injection molding parts.
  • Engraving of promotional gifts such as pens, fleece, wooden utensils.
  • Engraving and cutting leather for shoes, belts, bags and so on.
  • Engraving of glass (with optional rotation module also round glass).
  • Carving or engraving wooden objects, toys, home decoration, furniture.
  • Advertising signage applications.
  • Engraving of anodized front panels or typewriters.
  • Removal of lacquer, anodizing or other top layers of metal.
  • Melting of engraved materials.
  • Cutting paper and cardboard.
  • And so on ….

Where are CO2 lasers used

  • Industry (from small to large series)
  • Test Labs
  • Prototype builders
  • Starting (creative) making companies
  • Schools and fablabs




Reliable quality machines

Machines we believe in. Striving for the best possible quality and constant machine improvements, mean that we currently deliver machines in which only a few others can compete. Machines fully comply with the CE machine directive and are fully laser safe. The certification tests were conducted by external qualified testingagencies.


Good service

Lay3rs works long-term with its customers. In our opinion, this requires good and fair advice when purchasing, transparent pricing and providing good and prompt service when necessary. Good service seems trivial, but we often get disappointed buyers of these machines in the Netherlands or directly in China. We will help you further if there are any problems.


Good prices

Lay3rs delivers all its machines complete and 100% functional tested and checked to get you started right away. Prices include all necessary accessories, clear manuals and basic training. If you can find the machine cheaper somewhere else, then we can look at where the differences come from and you can decide what your preference is.


Training included

At Lay3rs we want you to use your lasercutters. Therefore, we provide basic training with every machine we deliver, so you can do the digital design process up to engraving or cutting yourself and connect your machine yourself. In addition, we offer the instructional videos to help you further. If you need more training or more depth, we can take care of that. If you have any questions, please email and we will always assist you.

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