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SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, has been dedicated to the development of 3D digitizing and 3D printing technologies for over 14 years. SHINING 3D develops, manufactures and commercializes a wide range of 3D technologies, including 3D scanners for multiple industries and applications, 3D printers for both consumer markets and additive manufacturing, 3D materials.  It also offers 3D design and manufacturing services, and a 3D network cloud platform. It is the first company to offer a complete 3D work environment and ecosystem under one single roof.

EinScan H

 EinScan H. Based on hybrid structure light technology of LED and invisible infrared light, EinScan H is making human face scanning more comfortable without strong light. With a built-in color camera and large field of view, EinScan H provides high quality 3D data with full color ready-to-use in minutes.

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EinScan HX

The hybrid laser and LED light sources make EinScan HX compatible with a wider range of object sizes, meeting multiple needs of users. High efficiency and reliable result give EinScan HX more application possibilities.


  • High accuracy certified through serious accuracy calibration process
  • Faster scanning speed
  • Make high resolution 3D modeling accessible to professional users
  • Meet your demands for high-quality 3D modeling of reverse engineering and design
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  • Easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users
  • Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
  • Easy to operate and great price-to-performance ratio
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EinScan Pro 2X plus

  • Offers an enhanced Handheld HD Scan Mode and enlarged scan range
  • Captures 3D model of medium to large size objects with high efficiency
  • Meets demands for wider range of applications


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EinScan Pro 2X

  • A great option for scanning small to medium size objects
  • Scan faster and more accurate
  • Ideal for high-quality 3D modeling
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AutoScan-DS300 High-end Dental 3D Scanner

AutoScan-DS300 High-end Dental 3D Scanner supports articulator scanning, the positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software. The scanner is suitable for high-end implant restoration applications.
The AutoScan-DS300 is the best choice for high-end implant restoration labs in the areas of big bridge restoration, occlusion reconstruction, etc.

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AutoScan-DS-EX Pro

The AutoScan-DS-EX Pro Dental by Shinning 3D is a portable and lightweight 3D scanner for dental applications. Its advanced technology gives perfect accuracy at high scan speeds. With two projection light options that allow for scanning in black & white or in colour, this scanner will bring scanning capabilities to a much higher level.

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AutoScan-DS-EX Dental is a desktop 3D scanner for dental service and labs. Thanks to its developed structure light technology, it provides accurate and efficient scans. This portable 3D scanner is an incredible benefit to your dental practice.

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