Fontys Engineering invest in AMPC 3d-printfarm solutions

In September 2020, Fontys Hogescholen purchased the first AMPC printfarm solution for their engineering courses, namely WTB and Mechatronics. In addition to these courses, the printfarm solution will also be used by the students of the 3d print minor, which will start at Fontys from February 2021 at the BIC, the new location for this course on the outskirts of Eindhoven Brainport. As an assignment in these minors, the Ultimaker 3d printers will be used to make grippers for the various robots.

Fontys has opted for this Ultimaker configuration and thus acquired the latest reliable technology with the Ultimaker S3 and S5. With the newest software from Cura Digital Factory is the management of the AMPC printfarm  a lot easier and  scalable. In addition, there is now much more choice of supported engineering materials, Which makes the applications in WTB and Mechatronics very applicable. Fontys was also very fond of the AMPC Solutions, in which security, service friendliness, scalability were clear features to invest in this configuration.

Fontys purchased  the AMPC Solutions printfarm through Lay3rs 3Dprinting. Lay3rs 3D printing has been the supplier for 3D printing solutions for Fontys and the Benelux reseller of AMPC for years now. Fontys is always looking for the best partner, that doesn’t only give the best price, but also as a local partner for the long term thinks along in finding the right solutions  and can give the best service with support questions. The AMPC Configuration can be admired at the Brainport Industry Campus in Eindhoven.

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