Create Value with 3D Printing Using Ultimaker

The Ultimaker Site Scan Workshop is part of Ultimaker’s Customer Success Plan that helps your organization to
overcome key challenges in implementing 3D printing as the standard, nationally and globally. Ultimaker provides an on-site facility walkthrough and brainstorming session aimed at uncovering 3D printing opportunities and scoping their potential impact on your organization.

Workshop Objective

Laying the foundation and initiating the 3D transformation of your organization, by:
• Identify immediately addressable and potentially high-value opportunities
• Identify applications to optimize cost, time, efficiency, ergonomics, safety and much more (guarantee ROI)
• Develop the competencies needed to identify 3D printing opportunities
• Create an opportunity validation framework


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Discover how 3D printing can create added value in your company and how you can distinguish yourself in the market with our advice.

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