About us


The 3D printing is changing our world in various fields like designing products, development and production.
Due to constantly innovative technology and materials, intelligence of software and accessibility of the user’s interface ,the adjustments and applications with the 3D printing will acquire a very special place not only for the consumers but also for the business community in the coming 5 years.
The 3d printer will not only has its role in product development and prototypes, but it definitely will have a major role in manufacturing personalized products. We anticipate future moments that we only may produce due to our present needs; right on the spot it is needed and with the materials we require on that particular moment. This all may happen in our living room and even on very central production locations, lines and places which are easy to access by the clients. This all may have a major impact on supply chain management and logistic services.


As a very enthusiastic team Lay3rs aims to familiarize the society with
the magical world of 3D printing, working to build a successful enterprise
in 3 phases:
Phase 1 (2015-2018) : Lay3rs opened a trendy retail shop in Brainport
Eindhoven in order to announce the fascinating world of 3D printing to
the public on a small scale. In addition to offering a wide range of
desktop 3D printers , 3D scanners and professional materials , we also
offer services like printing , educational courses and product
development.Our cooperation with the educational institutions in North
Brabant has the highest priority and it definitely is an important sector for
achieving a healthy growth.
Phase 2 (2016-2020)
Professional 3D printing and specialisation on educational, architectural,
design and print farm configuration. Lay3rs is not only specialising in
fields of product development and prototyping, but also specialises itself
in manufacturing the end products by the use of 3D printing. In addition
to print farm configurations, applicable materials and smart software
solutions set up a very vital part of our portfolio. Lay3rs develops its own
smart solutions in collaboration with various hardware, software and
robotics providers.
Phase 3 (2018-2025) :
Industrial 3D printing , advice, consulting and implementation inside the
industry. In this phase Lay3rs will be a reliable partner in product
industry for its clients. Lay3rs will support the businesses community in
implementing and keeps the complicated 3D printing production
configurations and processes operational. In addition to these consulting
services lay3rs will offer a line of very professional 3D printers. For both
plastic industry and metal industry lay3rs is offering a total solution
regarding the new manufacturing processes.

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