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We provide educational programs covering 3dprinting, 3dscanning and 3dsoftware. Our courses are provided by experienced and certified instructors. Discover our possibilities here.


Discover how 3D printing can create added value in your company and how you can distinguish with our advice on the market.


We offer you all professional services to scan or print your models. Get informed about all possibilities on quality, complexity and materials.

Print & scanning service

In the proces from idea to prototype, we offer you professional support in this critical and time consuming process during product development. Discover what 3dprinting can improve for you !


About Lay3rs

3D Printing will have a huge impact on how we are manufacturing our products today. Lay3rs strongly believes within the next 5 years 3dprinting will become a common tool in our daily lives. By offering quality products, educational programs and services in our showroom in Eindhoven, we make sure you are professional guided by us in purchasing 3dprinting solutions. As we are sure 3dprinting will fascinate the wide audience in the next step of creating, we will make sure you are part of it !




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